All Systems Are A Go: Podcast Interview On Working Smarter

Today’s #JustAskJac includes a link to my recent podcast interview with Jordan Gill for her “SYSTEMS SAVED ME” podcast.

Jordan and I met by way of the Internet and now maintain a face to face meetup and virtual monthly mastermind to help one another meet goals and work SMARTER. Check out her business, The Kolada Group. 

It is our hope that if you’re a creative, new business owner or multi-passionate who is trying to manage an ever growing “to-do” list and running your business without much structure, we can help you shift from experiencing LESS of the hamster wheel havoc and feeling as though you can never catch a breath to experiencing MORE creativity, ease and PEACE in your day to day. Hey, we even want you to take that overdue vacation WITHOUT your laptop that you’ve been putting off! (If you read that last bit with a sigh of disbelief, this is podcast interview ESPECIALLY for you).

During the course of our 30 minute podcast interview, I shared with Jordan how I initially struggled with the idea of writing a daily to-do list much less knowing how much to charge and so much more! You can listen to the Podcast right now by clicking HERE or scroll down for a brief backstory.

This podcast interview covers time management and setting up systems for new entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and business owners.


They say that time flies when you’re having fun! And I say it CERTAINLY flies when you find yourself REALLY busy.

**If you’ve ever visited the blog before, you may have noticed that I haven’t posted recently. Teaching and consulting have kept me from creative expression and that is going to change. The good news is, I am writing this post from VACATION. So change is in fact happening! But when I get back to “reality”, I can’t jump back into bad habits.

  • Things have to change because sometimes working for yourself and being your own boss doesn’t mean you pile on MORE work for yourself. It means you prioritize what needs to get done while also HONORING what feeds your soul and spirit.
  • Things have to change because long ago through much trial, error and tenacity, I developed my morning practice, habits and systems–a way of being and doing that truly works for ME when I actually implement it. And not implementing it means there is WAY too much on my plate. 
  • Things have to change because working 10-12 hour days, 6 days a week is not how any of us want to spend our time on this earth much less NOT how I want to scale my business.


Without a system for yourself—be it prioritizing what needs to get done first or automating your initial email responder to even knowing what the steps are in various tasks you do–time will fly faster than you’ll ever imagine, you’ll find yourself working non-stop and although you are busy and tired and seeing the date on the calendar change, you’ll never feel like you get anything completely DONE.

So my friend’s–any of you that just read that last line and are now like, “Ok, I get it. I need to streamline somethings on my end. Where do I start?”–I want to share two things:

  1. The link to the Podcast interview.
  2. THIS TRUTH. Systems work is ongoing. IT NEVER ENDS. Meaning, you will always be looking at your time management, your efficiency, your energy levels and sanity even to then OPTIMIZE your systems accordingly. In another blog post, I will speak from my latest experience share why that’s actually a GOOD thing.

That said, stay tuned for an additional upcoming blog on the topic TIME MANAGEMENT. Now you’ll know the inspiration for it!

And speaking of time and systems—it’s time for me to enjoy my morning cup of coffee and resume my vacation thanks to one of my favorite systems: GOOGLE CALENDAR. I’ve read the alert “ENJOY VACATION”, I blocked this vacation off months ago and by golly, I am going to vacation so hard like it’s my full time job although I did bring my laptop ; )

Want to share your favorite takeaway from the PODCAST? Or a system of your own that you love? COMMENT BELOW!


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