Diary of A Digital Marketer: A Day In The Life Of Those With Digital Marketing Jobs


If you haven’t noticed (because you aren’t a current job seeker), nearly EVERY JOB POSTING ONLINE now requires Digital Marketing Skills in some way, shape or form.

**According to a Digital Marketing statistics post on SmartInsights.com, “McKinley found 90% of all marketing roles required some digital marketing experience or analytical skills.” 

And personally, as both a Digital Marketer and Digital Marketing Instructor for General Assembly Los Angeles, I receive a lot of inquiries and questions from individuals curious about the field overall.

I typically hear from:

  • Job seekers who are in transition from one digital position to the next, OR
  • Those who are recent college grads and brand new to the industry.
  • I also receive questions from those who also currently work for a company in digital but want to start their own endeavor as freelancers or entrepreneurs.

I do hear questions about digital marketing from entrepreneurs as well and will have a whole series dedicated around marketing for non-marketers. But for now, I am focused on those who want a CAREER in marketing and don’t know which step to take next.

Which brings me to this blog series.

“Diary of A Digital Marketer” will feature interviews of marketers from all sides of the field: those with digital marketing jobs in email, those who solely focus on content, those who are self-employed and finding their way.


It will feature marketers in the arts, marketers in healthcare, marketers in advertising and beauty.  The goal with this series is to help digital marketing job seekers, freelancers and entrepreneurs have a better understanding of what it takes to BE a Digital Marketer on the daily. After each interview, I will share best practices, resources and exercises you can implement to sharpen your skill set, develop your personal brand and find YOUR WAY via the world wide web.

Whether you want to work for an agency or you want to work for yourself, my personal hope with this series is to dispel a lot of generalizations about marketing: “it’s in your face, it’s manipulative, it’s pointless” and to show a more human, creative, REAL side to the industry. And at the end of the day, each marketer featured and I want to be there to motivate you, inspire you on your career search journey and help you find your marketing magic sweet spot.

Do you want a JOB or a career?

How do you know if continuing to work for various companies in Digital Marketing (and moving up the corporate ladder) versus going out on your own as a digital marketer is the right fit for you? Read THIS blog post to start —–> BEST CAREER ADVICE

Meet The Marketers: A Sample Of Who You’ll Hear From FIRST

Over the next few weeks+months, you’ll learn more about the digital marketing field from the following marketers:

What's it like to work in digital marketing? In her new blog series, Diary of A Digital Marketer, Jaclyn Mullen interviews various professionals who freelance versus those who work for companies to help job seekers do work they love in the digital marketing field.

Jennifer Nelson, Founder https://www.jennymiranda.com/

From the Sun Sentinel’s ad department to the NY Times and now self-employed, Jennifer Nelson has been on both sides of the contribute to the company vs create your own company conundrum. 

Jonathan Small, Founder of Writing Partner Consulting and the Write About Now Podcast.

Marketing is an ART and Jonathan Small is our fields Picasso. A masterful storyteller and writer, some of Jonathan’s career accolade’s include “Best-selling journalist, editor, ghostwriter, and writing coach.” He has recently added PODCAST HOST to his roster of talents. If you’re wondering how to build a career or personal brand regarding STORYTELLING, stay tuned for Jon’s interview on the site. 

Alex Sandoval,  Digital Marketing Manager, ADVERTISEMINT 

Alex didn’t know he’d end up working in Digital Marketing when he first entered the work force. We’ll hear how he went from studying graphic design at a private school, to working “dead end” admin jobs to eventually finding his way as a project manager in the SEO space and now, as a Digital Marketing manager for campaigns running on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. 

I am excited to bring this series to you! I’m also EAGER to hear what your burning questions are.

  • Where are you stuck or potentially “looping” in your digital marketing career? By looping I mean, having a hard time deciding what to do next because you feel overwhelmed with the amount of options before you and can’t determine your next best move?
  • What would you like to know more about with regard to working in digital?
  • Who would you like to see me interview for this series too?

Answer any one of these by dropping a comment below!

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