Calling all creatives, freelancers+entrepreneurs! 

My name is Jaclyn Mullen (more on me below) and I've put together a FREE, 45 minute master class with 8 SIMPLE STEPS to help you get off the hamster wheel, stop running in circles and start taking yet FUN, STRATEGIC, inspiring action with regard to your online marketing. 

Often times, coming up with a strategy seems daunting, complex, and overwhelming. As an experienced Digital Marketing Strategist (who happens to be a performing artist turned entpereneur and, now a teacher for General Assembly), I want to change that for you.  

If you're ready to FAST TRACK and access the free class NOW, click below. If you'd like to learn a little more about what this class covers and why I am teaching it (for free) keep scrolling. 

More on my background and this FREE MASTERCLASS!

Why am I teaching this (and what you can expect, too). 

If marketing feels WAY too overwhelming for you, if you've STARTED and STOPPED more than you'd like to admit OR you just feel like you have ALL KINDS OF ACTION and NO RETURN, I put this FREE masterclass together specifically with you in mind.

7 years ago, before I was a Digital Marketing instructor for General Assembly and my own boss, I was working for an online advertising firm as a PROJECT MANAGER. I knew "enough" about the Internet and marketing but let's just say I was NOT the smartest person in the room. I flew by the seat of my pants and kept everything documented in my head.....

At the same time, I had been investing in my PERSONAL and PROFESSIONAL development for a good 2-3 years. I'd attended networking events, had sat in on industry panels regarding the emergence of social media, content creation, email marketing.....and I had dabbled in freelancing. So I was learning WHAT succesful people did: identify SMART goals, research, have a strategy, master time management, learn from the process.

As a "mutlipassionate", CREATIVE, new Internet Marketing Project Manager, I had to embrace "left brain" thinking. Doing so helped me manage many moving parts, ensure efficiency, complete tasks on time AND develop phases two, three and four of our launches.  

It took patience, a shift in approach, working on some weaknesses (goodbye keeping everything in my head, hello OBJECTIVES, OUTLINES and CALENDARS) and learning to manage a team. What used to be a challenge for me is NOW the only way I operate and more importantly, IT'S STILL FUN! My mission is to help you find some ease with all this marketing stuff while still having fun, too! 


8 Simple Steps to follow...with TONS of key takeaways! 

Minimize online overwhelm

I'll discuss how to first prioritize your profitability and manage your time! 

Stay organized

Content calendars, anyone? No more posting on the fly! I'll tell you why. 

Manage it yourself

Uncover the potential of strategic alliances and WIN-WIN partnerships! 

Document your actions

Set yourself up with an action plan to help you delegate and track your ROE-return on effort. 


Learn to LOVE analytics. No more, "set and forget" mentality! 

Uncover new ideas

Marketing is an experiment. Don't give up, find out what your data is telling you. 

Grow your presence

Build an online community from TRUE engagement! 


Step away from the screen without any FOMO or guilt. Recharge and enjoy your downtime, FINALLY!