After having my own business for nearly 6 years and studying personal development for more than half my life, it’s safe to say I have a TON of resources to share with you! Below, I have featured resources centered around some of the more frequently asked questions I receive to help you get instant access to answers, experts and some of my favorite finds!


“Can you recommend a trustworthy, reliable web designer?”


YES! For this particular site and my logo, I worked with Rebecca Pollock.

To view her work and portfolio, visit:

“Can you recommend a web developer while you’re at it, too?”

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Brandi Bernoskie is the website developer extraordinaire behind my site and the founder of Alchemy + Aim. She and her team work with some of the biggest names in thought leadership, nutrition, and more!

If you’re unsure of the difference between a web designer and a web developer, allow me to explain. “A Web developer is someone who programs Web pages and is more focused on the way a website works than how it looks.” 

“Which company do you recommend for website hosting?” **


For 3-4 years now, I have personally, hosted my sites on Blue Host.  Their customer service team is always SUPER FRIENDLY and easily available by phone to support and answer any questions you may have. Many big names in blogging use them as their host, too.

The ** indicates that I am an affiliate for and may receive a commission from them if you sign up for services. I would recommend them regardless. 

“What do you recommend website wise for e-commerce folks?” **


If you make your own products and want a website theme complete with an e-commerce solution “all in one”, than I recommend Shopify. They have a ton of templates to choose from, you can easily “drag and drop” to add photos and get started and they offer customers a FREE TRIAL of the service.

Similar to BlueHost, I am an affiliate for Shopify. Each quarter, I will share an affiliate earning income on my blog to help you learn ways to create passive, residual income for yourself too.