Meet Jaclyn Mullen, Digital Marketing Expert

A client of mine recently told me, “You brought a sense of order to my uncertainty. You helped me be ON purpose and IN action.” She was trying to launch a business and a new online offer and was feeling a lot of frustration and fear about where to start and what to do next. Given my 21 years worth of experience in marketing (and having spent the past 6 years as an entrepreneur working in the digital space), I helped her identify her next steps within a matter of 5 minutes.

Part of what helped us create some clarity and confidence that day (and take away her self-doubt) was my admission that although it may appear that I have always been on purpose and in action and have known what steps to take myself, I have not. In fact, I grew up in the performing arts as a singer and dancer–that’s where all my creativity comes from. And that artistic side did not lend itself to managing things in an organized fashion. Doing things step-by-step-by-step? Writing down “to-do” lists? That used to feel like a creative person’s poison. I would loop in my mind overanalyzing what to do first and just wing it. I totally trusted my intuition and I still do believe that following your gut and trusting your heart won’t ever lead you astray.

But these days I also believe, “creativity and opportunity thrive in structure, not chaos!” So how did I shift in mindset and skill set to activate my left brain to become more analytical as a marketing strategist, content creator, entrepreneur and now, teacher? HINT: It didn’t happen overnight.

  • After determining the music and entertainment business wasn’t for me, I dove into the world content creation, community management and online marketing. To me, the Internet was a far better stage to create and share from.
  • However, 2 years into my career in this new media world, I had to walk away from a toxic work environment at an online advertising agency and leave behind my job as a Project Manager/Online Marketing Strategist. I strongly disagreed with the scarcity tactics and deceptive marketing practices the “boys club” I was working for engaged in. Within a matter of 3-4 weeks, using my grit, intuition and hustle muscle, I launched my own business with a basic WordPress template and $10,000 of my own money.
  • I poured every ounce of effort I had into learning all I could about “S.M.A.R.T” goals, running a business, masterminding much less generating website traffic, tweeting, blogging, measuring analytics, acquiring customers, even UX.
  • I actively sought the help of mentors, teachers and other people trying to create their own carers using the world wide web. And in the process, found friends and a board of advisors.

This was one of my very first headshots….one thing’s certain. While I no longer fly by the seat of my pants, I still like bright colors!


I started working in marketing at the age of 14–long before we had the internet and digital and long before I really understood business models, operations and scalability. I actually got to leave my high school early and earn class credit for having a job. To date, I have worked in ALL aspects of marketing–from guerrilla marketing to experiential marketing to loyalty marketing, entertainment marketing, social media marketing and more. As a creative and performing artist, I have always intuitively known how to focus on that big, lofty end result, how campaigns and photos and stories should make people genuinely feel. I know how to get people to connect and experience delight, not feel pressured about using a product.

What I didn’t know many years ago was where to start, how to identify incremental steps, how to delegate, much less track, measure and manage everything using a documented plan. I preferred to juggle everything (and I mean everything) on my own without putting anything down on paper especially when I first launched my own business 6 years ago.

Now, some many MANY years later, having undergone extensive study and application of anything from personal and professional development courses to digital marketing and entrepreneurship programs to comedy school much less learning how to keep up with a very fast moving Internet, I definitely do things and see things quite differently than my very early days. I function and think like a CEO.

As the adage goes, “We teach what we know” and I am here to teach you the very things that helped me transition in my career, identify and measure marketing efforts, streamline time online and create some marketing masterpieces. I’ll help you find fun in the structure of goal setting, content creation, you name it all while helping you say “goodbye” to workaholism, experience time offline to be around the people you love and help you make a difference in your community.

Ok, enough about ME. I’d like to learn some more about you. Feel free to fill out this form if you’re open to connecting now.

“The Business of Being You”, a workshop session for Step Up Women’s Network mentors and mentees on personal branding and creating a powerful online presence.


From overwhelmed creative with a TON of passion and ideas but no real plan to see them through to:

  • Proud alumni and scholar, University of Miami School of Music, first on my mom’s side to receive a Bachelors Degree in the U.S and a Bachelor’s Of Music At That. #DoWhatYouLove
  • Alumni and graduate from the Tory Burch/Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program. Curriculum underwritten by Babson College. 
  • Student of various trainings+teachers including Marie Forleo’s B-School, Hubspot’s “Certified Inbound Marketer Training”, Julia Cameron’s “The Artists Way” and most recently, James Wedmore’s “Business By Design” program.
  • President of the Los Angeles board of Ellevate Network.
  • Active volunteer for Habitat for Humanity Greater Los Angeles
  • Step Up Women’s Network Volunteer of the Year, recognized with an award in 2009.
  • Graduate of Manhattan Comedy School. Also wrote and performed in a one woman show This Is Not Your Practice Life for SHE TAKES THE STAGE. More on my speaking here. 
  • Teacher for Digital Marketing and other classes for General Assembly, a worldwide pioneer in education and career transformation, specializing in today’s most in-demand skills.
  • Contributor to Entrepreneur.com, HuffingtonPost.com and more.

More about my background and experience. 

Meeting Tory Burch was on my vision board so I know this stuff works.

My approach to digital marketing, entrepreneurship and business advice is very different from other people in the online space. I am not about hopping on the latest trends, cutting corners, needing to have thousands upon thousands of followers or trying to copy anyone else’s success.

I believe in:

Uncovering your desired goals and objectives up front to market proactively–not building a brand or business backwards and marketing reactively.

Steady, incremental growth.

Support that helps you evolve personally and professionally and,

Getting you to step away from the screen to enjoy your life too.

My “MIY: Market It Yourself” masterclass on all the above is in the works.

In fact, my personal favorite personal accomplishments have had nothing to do with work. I was featured in my friend Bri Seeley’s book, “The Inspirational Woman Project.” I helped my best friend Darcie, who has since passed on from Leukemia, fundraise to cover her medical bills online. I have made friends from all around the world, people I first met on Facebook or Twitter and then connected with in person for coffee in places like Paris, New York City and my beloved City of Angels.

For this reason, you will hear me blog and talk quite often about the importance of vision boards, networking, self-care, money management, mindset, gratitude…stuff I like to call “business yogi” topics. I also LOVE to cook so you may even read a recipe or two (or three) of mine too!