Success Stories

The true measure of success for me is waking up to an email in my inbox and reading that a past student of mine has landed their dream job in digital marketing using the skills they’ve obtained through our work together.

Or hearing that a client has not only followed through on the steps to achieve their goal but they surpassed results by their wildest expectations! That recently happened with a client who made the semi-finals and won a cash prize for the DORITO’s Crash the Superbowl Contest and another who met their sales goal at an industry trade show. 

It may take a little discipline to go from “all over the place” to following a step-by-step strategy but the rewards you experience are totally worth it!


Here are a few of the many success stories I’ve been honored to contribute to. 

Entrepreneur Sheila Viers was looking to help her team manage their time online more effectively and build more brand awareness too! Together, we launched a new bag line resulting in $2,000 in sales. 

SheilaViers_RockYourDreamBody“I had worked with other marketing coaches and consultants before but none were like Jaclyn–she is the best of the best! When I owned Live Well 360, Jaclyn was my beautiful drill sergeant (and I love her for that). Prior to working with Jaclyn, my team and I didn’t know the real benefit of social media, we knew we had to be online with our customers but we didn’t know how to talk with our customers. Jaclyn encouraged me to launch Instagram to help my e-commerce business connect with new customers, fitness enthusiasts and strategic alliances, she trained myself and my team to develop new skills from content creation to promotions and tracking. And she helped us launch a new bag, launch a Pinterest promotion and a gift with purchase incentive that generated an additional $2,000 in sales. ”

Sheila Viers,, Creator of the Rock Your Dream body program and former co-founder of the premium gym bag line which she sold in 2015.

Jess Puccinelli founder of, was clear on the look, feel and PURPOSE of her business. All she needed was some target market and business model validation from an experienced entrepreneur before turning on her e-commerce site and positively impacting the world with a new way to give gifts!   


“I first met Jaclyn through a one day business boot camp for women. Jaclyn was my mentor for the day and her knowledge, passion and commitment to my success was unbelievably pivotal in the launch of my business. She has since been spot on with her coaching, offering strategic advice that yields a strong return on investment. Furthermore, Jaclyn is a pleasure to work with as she approaches every client with heart, integrity and excitement.”

Frantic and determined with less than a week to raise $7500 to meet her goal, Dr. Fischetti took to social media and reached out to me for help! 

Dr. Fischetti was utilizing Kickstarter to launch her app, Thera Connect. The challenge with that was, being in medical school at the time, she hadn’t been around many marketers much less business people that could help her get the word out about her app and drive donations to her Kickstarter page. And, marketing just wasn’t something she was familiar with! 

MXIslJre“I call Jaclyn my little guardian angel. I met her actually through a social media encounter on Twitter and she was kind enough to reach out to me and offer some advice and help with my business model. I was immediately impressed with not only her kindness, but also her drive and connectedness. If it wasn’t for Jaclyn’s encouragement and innovative, strategic thinking, there is no way we could have had the success we had with our Kickstarter campaign reaching full funding thanks to social media, or generating press coverage in the OC Register and NBC News. I cannot thank Jaclyn enough for being such a motivating and inspiring woman and for her help. We need more women in social media marketing and business out there.”

What’s it like to actually go through my process? I’m going to give you a chance to see that for yourself. I’ve picked three Case Studies to share with you, each at a different level from the next (Starting Out, Evolving and Building).

STARTING OUT: On using a BLOG to make a career change! Meet Nadia Murdock, founder of


CHALLENGE: Nadia wanted to make a career change to pursue her passion for fitness. She had been working in the non-profit space, blogging on the side about fashion and was longing to align with her true calling. But she was scared! How could she leave a 9 to 5 job much less reinvent her brand online? With a little bit of encouragement and some strategy, that’s what I helped Nadia set out to accomplish. Read the steps we took for Nadia in this PDF here. 

“Jaclyn honestly helped change my life…I love her for it! I was working two jobs—in the non-profit space and in fashion PR while simultaneously pursuing blogging and my passion for fitness. The only thing is, I didn’t think I had the experience to be a fitness blogger despite my own significant weight loss journey! I was also hesitant to share my story and before pics, let alone make the identity switch from fashion blogger to fitness blogger. This is where Jac is REALLY GOOD: she got me to get real with my goals and get aligned with myself and my accomplishments. I started implementing her advice and noticed that the more I let my guard down and shared my weight loss story, the more I could influence others to train their mind to change their body. I’ve been a full-time fitness blogger and expert–with several television appearances–ever since.”

Nadia Murdock, 

EVOLVING: On using social media for social good…specifically to fundraise for non-profits! 

testimonial-phillip-haidEvery business has an objective. For non-profits, the objectives are typically driven around driving donations, attracting volunteers and creating awareness. For the Power of Two campaign featuring Lance Bass and Emanuelle Chriqui, it was definitely to raise money and awareness. That’s where Philip and his agency Public came in. They were tasked with raising donations and awareness. They had the team, the campaign idea, the celebrities. I was brought in to help them craft a clever, out of the box, engaging strategy. Read the steps we took for Philip and The Power of 2 in this PDF here. 

“I hired Jaclyn for our latest Power of 2 campaign (2 stars go head-to-head online to see who can raise the most for their favorite charity) to lead our social media efforts and she did a terrific job. Smart, strategic, creative and personable, it was an absolute pleasure working with her. Of note was a power hour we ran on her recommendation where we raised $1244 in 60 minutes via Twitter. A significant benchmark for Twitter. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jaclyn and will certainly work with her again.”

BUILDING: On trying to engage online, acquire customers and shift from social media marketing skeptic to lover of all things marketing.

testimonial-catherine-cassidyCatherine has a service based styling business. And that service based business has typically grown by word of mouth. So it’s safe to say, Catherine was a little skeptical about how social media specifically would work for her business. She was getting ready to relocate her business from one coast to the next and move to a new city where she hardly knew anybody so she decided to give social media a “limited time” try. Part of what she needed to hone in on was creating helpful, actionable content for her clients. And driving up engagement that could lead to top of mind consideration and referrals. And last but not least, position her for additional visibility opportunities such as speaking and more. Sound like a situation you can relate to? Read her story and the steps we took here.

“I hired Jaclyn when I knew it was time to have more strategy behind my social media and marketing campaign. I had been flying by the seat of my pants for long enough and gotten OK results, but nothing was quite consistent. Jaclyn helped me to create a strategy that really felt good for Ustyled as a brand to engage and connect with our followers. Not only did I start having more fun with it all, but we started seeing ALL of our numbers go up – email open rates, social media followers, subscribers and, of course, clients. Jaclyn really helped me to fall in love with marketing, something I had never really loved. As a typically referral based business, she helped us create a visibility online that has definitely helped convert contacts into clients at a much faster rate (typically 6 months to 2 years now is 1-6 months!). Highly recommend Jaclyn for her commitment as much as her brilliance.” 

Catherine Cassidy,